Our Story

Krokus Bag Kollection specializes in crafting Personalized, Handmade Jute/Burlap Tote and Crossbody Cosmetic with brushroll Bag Sets, accentuated with colorful linen trim. The name "Krokus Bag" draws inspiration from "crocus bag," a term associated with the natural-colored jute and burlap fabric, deeply rooted in Jamaican culture and history.

Our shop is dedicated to curating an array of GIFTS FOR HER, leveraging the ever-growing popularity of sustainable and eco-friendly "crocus bag" materials. This range encompasses apparel, bags, footwear, and more, serving as a platform to share our skills, talents, and passion with you. We hope that everyone who experiences these creations enjoys them as much as we did during their design and production. Our bags are irresistibly eye-catching, exuding a casual and trendy charm that allows you to confidently "Flaunt Your Style."